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YOU, regardless of your age, can advocate on behalf of the Vote16MO Campaign and champion its success. 
You can: 
1) Join Us at the Capitol
2) Contact Your State Representatives
3) Ask your City Council to Pass a Resolution of Support
4) Ask Your School Board to Pass A Resolution of Support
5) Write or Sign a Youth Letter of Support
6) Write or Sign an Organization Letter of Support
7) Tell Us What Vote16MO Means to You
8) Social Media Advocacy

Review the options below to learn more about the different ways you can advocate for Vote16MO:

join us at the capitol

You can advocate for Vote16MO with us at the Missouri State Capitol! Take this opportunity to go directly to your legislators and tell them the importance of passing the Vote16MO referendum!

Contact Your State Representatives

ask your city council to pass a resolution of support

ask your school board to pass a resolution of support

write or sign a youth letter of support

write or sign an organization letter of support

tell us what vote16mo means to you!

Social media advocacy

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