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Municipal government 

As we aim to reduce the voting age for nonpartisan local elections in Missouri, it is crucial that local governments endorse this change. To achieve this, we are actively encouraging local governments to adopt a Resolution of Support, signifying their endorsement of the Vote16MO initiative to lower the voting age in local elections. 

This is where you come in! While our advocacy team cannot independently cover all 1,067 municipalities, your assistance can make a significant impact. If you're interested in contributing, you can approach your municipal government to propose the passage of a Resolution of Support, and we'll be here to support your efforts. The good news is that we have already prepared the resolution for your convenience!


Here's how to get started:


Step 1: Review the Draft Resolution.

You can access a copy of the Draft Resolution of Support by clicking the link below.

[Click here to view the Draft Resolution of Support]


Step 2: Contact the Vote16MO Advocacy Team.

To express your interest in collaborating with your local government to pass a Resolution of Support, simply click the link below to send an email to the Vote16MO Advocacy Team. Email:

[Click here to send an email to the Vote16MO Advocacy Team]


Step 3: Begin Your Efforts.

The Vote16MO Advocacy Team will guide you through all the necessary steps to kickstart your involvement, including identifying a potential sponsor and assisting with your presentation. Let's work together to make a difference!

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