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July Contribution Deadline

DJ Yearwood

Jul 6, 2023

Consider Making A Contribution to The Vote16MO Movement! | TO DONATE:


As we approach our July reporting deadline, we ask that you consider making a contribution to the Vote16MO Campaign. The Vote16MO Initiative is a campaign to lower the voting age in local and school board elections to 16. We are leading this campaign with an overall vision of creating a better prepared, better educated, and more engaged electorate of the future. You can learn more about our reasons for leading this campaign on our website–— or by checking out our most recent short brief, The Case For Lowering the Age, at

Your donation will help our campaign’s early stages thrive! 16 & 17 year olds across the state of Missouri are joining in to support efforts to allow them to vote locally. Your contribution will go towards funding lobby days, which will bring more than 50 youth members of the campaign to the Missouri State Capitol each designated lobby day; it will fund our Vote16MO Community Forums across the state, which will allow us to educate the electorate on this topic; it will allow us to promote this issue on the state and national stage with press and advertising; and it will allow us to continue to produce campaign literature, which will spread the message about the importance of this initiative. 

With your donation of $10 or more, we’ll send you a free Vote16MO bumper sticker along with our thank you card! With your donation of $50 or more, we’ll send you a newly released campaign t-shirt and bumper sticker along with our handwritten thank you card! 

Together, we are creating an electorate that does not deny the needs of any tax paying or otherwise contributing members of society. TO DONATE:

With appreciation,

DJ Yearwood

Vote16MO Campaign Director

(661) 770-8918 |

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