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Kansas City, MO, USA

About the Role

The primary role of the City Videographer is to capture videos of campaign operations, in accordance with the Comms Plan, to communicate our message.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Captures eye-catching videos of strong moments in the campaign that best communicate the message of the campaign.

  • Captures videos at all campaign events, activities, meetings, and more. 

  • Manages a drive/folder of all campaign videos and supplies appropriate pictures for necessary occasions.

  • Edits videos to create engaging videos for target audiences

  • Creates a plan for the creation of engaging videos for communicating the campaign message through social media platforms.

  • Works under the direction of the Communications Director to carry out the communications plan.

Necessary Skills: 

  • Excellent communicator (written and verbal)

  • Organizational Skills

  • Creative

  • Video editing

  • Positive, go getter attitude

  • Knowledge of the campaign rhetoric

  • Innovative

Necessary Experience/Knowledge: 

  • Experienced and talented videographer and editor

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