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Political Consultant

Take on this role in your city!

About the Role

The primary role of the City Political Consultant is to work with each manager and the City Director to oversee the planning and execution of successful political strategy, fundraising, and others in accordance with that city’s political environment/landscape

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Working with each manager to develop a plan for fundraising, volunteer recruitment, event management, communications, and more in accordance with that city’s political environment/landscape.

  • Works with the City Director to oversee the Campaign’s city political strategy

  • Reviews City Campaign operations and provides consultation in accordance with the Campaign’s winning strategy. 

  • Reviews, understands, and analyzes the political landscape and advises on necessary steps to take. 

Necessary Skills: 

  • Organizational Skills

  • Politically Savvy

  • Campaign Leadership/Team Leadership

  • Budget management

  • Critical Thinking

Necessary Experience/Knowledge: 

  • Successful political consultation

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the city’s political landscape/environment

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